How do you match windows and doors to the architectural style of your home?

The right windows and doors have an impact not only on the airtightness of the house and the amount of heating bills. They are also an important factor affecting the appearance of the building. How to choose the colour and design of the construction to match the architectural style of the house? Check out our tips!

A few decades ago, there was hardly any choice. Windows were white and full stop. Today, the wide range of colours, materials and shapes of windows and doors can disturb the peace of mind of many an investor. Mistakes are easy to make and the consequences can last for years.

In this article, we will suggest which architectural styles are the most popular today and which windows and doors go with them.

Modern style house

This is by far the most popular architectural style in which single-family houses are built today in Europe, including Poland. In our country, it has supplanted the traditional, classic or manor house style, which was dominant until recently.

What does a modern style house look like? The basis is a simple, rather sparing form and a subdued colour scheme. On the roof, you will usually find grey - from light to graphite, almost black. The facades are usually white, sometimes light grey or beige. A popular option are inserts on the façade made of wood, wood imitations or concrete - e.g. in recesses or around windows. Recently, laths (vertical wooden boards) have become fashionable.

What windows and doors should I choose for the modern style? Graphite or anthracite-coloured construction would be a good idea. Different shades of wood are another interesting option. Windows should be large, floor-to-ceiling, without muntins or ornamentation.

Minimalism is a desirable feature - for this reason, aluminium or PVC windows with a simple, geometric and modern design and doors with aluminium inserts are a frequent choice.

Scandinavian style house

Scandinavian style is inspired by nature, simplicity and tradition. Houses in Scandinavian countries are usually simple and finished with a wooden façade in white or pastel shades such as blue.

White windows and doors will match Scandinavian architecture no matter what façade colour you choose.

Scandinavian-style houses are most often wooden. For this reason, wooden construction is also chosen for them. However, if you want a functional solution which does not require periodic wood maintenance, choose PVC windows in HFL technology, which deceptively imitate traditional wooden windows. Another idea is minimalist and economical in form aluminium windows, matching simple facades.

Note that the Scandinavian style likes large glazing. In a cold climate, daylight is at a premium and architects try to let it in whenever possible. If you want a contrasting effect, choose graphite or even black windows for a white or wood-coloured façade.

Loft-style house

The industrial-inspired house is simple and modern. Materials that are associated with the loft style include raw grey concrete, red factory brick, glass and steel in grey or black. Sometimes they are also accompanied by raw, natural wood with pronounced knots and grain.

What window and door constructions should be chosen for a loft-style home? The best choice is equally simple and minimalist aluminium windows. If you choose PVC windows, make sure they look modern - maximum flat, thin profiles, narrow weld and large glazing will work.

Another interesting choice is windows and doors in the style of an old factory - tall, narrow, with many muntins and imitating the steel or wooden windows in historic industrial buildings of yesteryear.

Manor house, English, classic, French style

The manor house or villa style still has many supporters in Poland. The choice of the right construction plays a key role here and strongly influences the final effect, emphasising the character of the building.

In houses styled as villas or manor houses, arched windows are a common solution. On the other hand, round windows were an important decorative element above the porches of Old Polish manor houses (and houses inspired by manor houses). Semi-circular windows in the roof slope and dormers (swallow windows) are also used in this style.

An indispensable element of classic, English, French or villa and townhouse-style houses are muntin windows, which add to the charm of classic buildings. However, they have a number of disadvantages. Firstly, they restrict visibility and the flow of daylight. In order to provide adequate light, the windows should therefore have a correspondingly larger surface area.

What's more, muntins reduce thermal insulation performance. If you opt for this type of window, it is essential that you agree with your architect on the choice and layout of your windows so that your home is not only beautiful, but also economical in use.

The best window colours for classic styles are white and warm wood tones - golden oak, mahogany.

The best window colours for classiPortfenetr windows, commonly found in palaces, mansions and former townhouses, are also an interesting solution for elegant French or villa-style houses. A portafenetre (also known as a French window) is a high, floor-length balcony window, protected from the outside with a balustrade and sometimes supplemented with muntins. Although this type of construction has its advantages and disadvantages, if you want a stylized house, this solution is also worth considering.c styles are white and warm wood tones - golden oak, mahogany.

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