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Muntin bars are a decorative elements that add style and elegance to the windows. Sometimes they are necessary to create perfect harmony between the building and the windows. However, they can also be used as a decorative element thanks to their different shapes and colors. They can be used to give the window an original and unique look. Bars as a decorative element are often used in historical or classic style buildings, where it is important to maintain the appropriate architectural style, but they can also be used in modern projects as a decorative element.



They are designed for PVC and aluminum joinery, mounted directly on the glass on both sides. Stick-on muntins are an easy and quick way to change the appearance of windows. They are available in three basic widths and a wide range of colors, thanks to which they can be perfectly matched to any interior, giving it a unique look



These are special elements mounted inside the window, between its two panes, which are made of aluminum and permanently mounted to the frame between the panes. It is important to keep the proportion of the muntin bars in relation to the window, and that the color and shape of the muntin bars match the appearance of the building. Aluminum bars are a light and durable addition to windows, which allows for an original and interesting appearance. They are available in various widths and in a wide range of colors, including two-color. They can also be bent into arcs or circles and joined at different angles. They are imperceptible from the outside, which allows you to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the window.

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