Elegant Infinity 115 X

PVC doors

A traditional model indispensable in the assortment for the Dutch market. This structure is equipped with a steel-reinforced sash and a frame reinforced with Forthex technology.

It is a unique composite reinforcement that improves thermal parameters - consisting of a body made of durable PVC reinforced with steel rods, which is filled with foamed PVC. Such a reinforcement is much lighter, which also reduces weight.

Infinity 115 X

Why choose the elegant infinity 115 x door?

Fully recyclable

Two rebate inclination angles in the frame: 5° or 15°

One-foot glazing bead for easy assembly

Two types of glazing beads - rectangular and rounded

Three circumferential gaskets - maximum parameters of thermal insulation / air permeability / water tightness

Thermal insulation up to 1.1 W / m2 K

Forthex thermal reinforcement in the frame

Elegant straight edges

Two ways of gluing glazing units - with tape or with glue; possibility of producing elements up to 2.5 m high

Large selection of surface finishes - smooth, wood structure, matt and metallic

Technical specifications

Frame depth:

115 mm

Depth and wings:

80 mm

Sash version:


Height of the rebate in the frame:

25 mm

Rebate width in the frame:

48 mm

Height of the rebate in the door sash:

23 mm

Width of the rebate in the door sash:

9 mm

Possible width of the glass in the frame:

10-55 mm

Possible width of the glass in the sash:

14-59 mm

The possibility of glueing the glass:

Optional if glass filling is used

Sealing method:

Internal rebate gasket in the sash + external sealing of the frame with a central seal

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