Legend Slide

PVC sliding systems

Legend Slide sliding system allows you to create stable and large glazing in places where space and light play the main role. The slim design inspired by the style of aluminum systems, however, does not limit the choice of the size of the structure - you can also choose large glass surfaces that will ensure the best lighting. Regardless of the size of the glazing, excellent energy-saving and acoustic parameters will be maintained.

Legend Slide

Characteristic features of the system

It allows you to create solid and stable structures with a width of 4000 mm and a height of 2350 mm

A large glazing area and specialized fittings guarantee easy handling of sashes weighing up to 150 kg - in addition, without any loss of energy efficiency

Legend Slide was designed with excellent performance parameters in mind, but we also wanted to create a modern line that would allow for many arrangement possibilities. Slender shapes, sharp edges and a glazing bead on the inside set new trends in the design of PVC windows

Legend Slide is fully compatible with the Elegant window and door system and stylistically harmonizes with it

A wide selection of veneers allows you to choose the right color of windows for each type of building and room - you can choose from 50 products with different shades and structures

Technical specifications

Depth of frame installation:

149 mm

Sash depth:

76 mm

Sash type:


Frame rebate height:

25 mm

Frame rebate width:

9 mm

Sash rebate height:

25 mm

Width of the sash rebate:

9 mm

Possible glazing thickness in the frame:

12-67 mm

Possible thickness of the glazing in the sash:

12-67 mm

The possibility of glueing the glass:


Sealing method:

Internal rebate gasket in the sash + external gasket in the frame

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