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Ponzio SL1800TT

Aluminum sliding systems

Thermally insulated lift and slide system.

Ponzio SL1800TT

Why choose ponzio sl1800tt sliding systems?

Thanks to the use of a wider thermal break, a sash with a greater depth and the possibility of using thicker glazing up to 61 mm, we achieve better thermal parameters below Uw < 0.9W / m2K

Possibility of making constructions of large dimensions, even 6-sashes

High tightness to weather conditions

Thermal variants: SL1800TT, SL1800TT+, SL1800TT HI, SL1800TT SHI

Large sash dimensions up to: LxH 3300x3000 mm or 2300x3500 mm

Technical specifications

Aluminum sections:

EN AW-6060 T66 acc. to PN-EN 573-3 condition T66 acc. to PN-EN 515 Al Mg Si 0.5 F 22 acc. to DIN 1725 T1, DIN 17615 T1


Made of EPDM synthetic rubber according to standard 7863 and execution standard according to ISO 3302-01, E2

Frame depth:

Double-track 184/178 mm, triple-track 283/277 mm

Sash depth:

79 mm

Maximum sash dimensions:

L3300xH3000mm, L2300xH3500mm

Maximum sash weight:

400 kg


Double-chamber glass, glazing range: 14 - 61 mm

Thermal insulation:

Uf from 1.3 W /m2K, Uw < 0.9 W/m2K (L 2400 x H 2400 mm, Ug = 0.5 W/m2K, double glazing)

Surface finishes:

Powder coating with polyester paints that meet the Qualicoat requirements , colors from the RAL palette to choose from; natural and colored anodizing - meeting Qualanod requirements ; varnishing in the "color" of wood - surface finish meets high anti-corrosion requirements.

Ultraglide - Low Threshold Option

Aluminum sliding systems

The modern design and the use of lift and slide fittings of the UG system with a low threshold ensure comfortable use, increase of the advantages of use and elegant design.


Why choose ultraglide sliding systems?

The model with a reduced threshold is a solution that improves the accessibility of buildings for people with disabilities - the low threshold option prevents faults at the door-floor junction and allows the threshold to be flush with the floor

Thanks to its parameters, the ULTRAGLIDE system allows for the design of constructions with very large dimensions of sliding sashes: the maximum dimensions of the structure that can be made in this system are: sash height Hs=3300 mm and sash width Bs=3500

The system enables the construction of large glazing, which ensures excellent lighting of interiors and facilitates their arrangement, while maintaining stability, functionality and lightness of the structure

Technical specifications

Maximum sash weight:

400 kg

Frame depth:

from 153mm to 239mm

Sash depth:

67 mm

Glazing thickness:

14-52 mm

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