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We are a Polish company specializing in the production of PVC and aluminum windows and doors. Using over 20 years of experience , we create products of high durability, aesthetics and functionality, based on innovative solutions.

We offer premium profiles with high stiffness and resistance to solar radiation. In addition, we care about the environment and offer products with a certificate confirming the lack of harmful substances in the composition. Our team consists of about 120 people for whom work is a passion, thanks to which we offer not only high-quality products, but also professional advice.

Lanko Factory

Our distinctives

Product quality

Our products are durable, airtight and insulate heat well

Variety of offer

Various models of windows and doors, colors, shapes, materials and accessories


We offer installation, service, consulting and window design services

Quality certificates

Standards in accordance with European standards

Customer service

Quality and professionalism of customer service

Employees treat each customer as a unique person with different needs, preferences and expectations

Especially for individual customer needs:

We customize services and products

We listen and understand the client's needs

We offer individual solutions

We provide individual advice and assistance

We maintain a high level of customer service

We create long-term relationships with clients

Lanko Orders

We perform unusual orders which bring many benefits, including: Development


Unusual orders usually require creative thinking, which contributes to the development of innovative solutions and products.

A distinction on the market

Implementation of unusual orders allows you to stand out on the market and gain recognition as specialists in a given field.

More and more satisfied customers

Implementation of unusual orders allows you to attract new customers who may be interested in other services of the company.

Fulfilling customers' dreams

Modern architectural designs use glazing of large sizes and various shapes, which we have in our offer.

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